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100 Million Re-cycled Christmas cards is Woodland Trust’s target 03.01.08

The Woodland Trust with Recycle Now is aiming to raise enough money from recycled Christmas cards to plant 24,000 trees in the UK. They hope that 100 million old cards will be handed in at recycling points at Tescos, WH Smiths, M&S and TK Maxx before the 31st January.

With new figures revealing that households in England will create an additional three quarters of a million tonnes of waste over Christmas – including over one billion Christmas cards – Ab Fab star and campaign patron Joanna Lumley said: “Christmas is a great time for celebrations and being with our families, but unfortunately we all end up with more rubbish.

"A simple way to help reduce this and help climate change at the same time is to recycle as much as possible and Christmas cards are one of the easiest items to keep out of our bins.”

Over 1 billion Christmas cards will have been sent over the holiday period, the Woodland Trust is aiming to sweep up 10% to pulp down and convert into other paper products. If they achieve their target then Recycling Now estimate that the benefits from saving them landfill dumps will reduce around 2,600 tonnes of greenhouse gases - equivalent to taking 800 cars off the road in 2008.

Fridey Cordingley, head of Recycle Now, said: "Recycling is one new year’sresolution that is easy to make and keep throughout 2008.

"Christmas cards are one of the easiest things to recycle after all the festivities have ended and people will not only be helping to support the Woodland Trust but helping to tackle climate change too."

If the Woodland Trust and Recycle Now hit a record 100 million cards it will go a lomg way to help the Trust plant 24,000 trees in new native woodlands throughout the UK. Last year 93 million cards were collected to enable the charity to plant 22,000 trees – or a forest the size of 44 football pitches.

Sue Holden, chief executive of the Woodland Trust, which has collected 443 million cards since the scheme began 10 years ago, says: “Everyone who supports the Trust by recycling their cards is helping us to plant thousands of new trees throughout the UK.”

The Woodland Trust’s website is packed full of ideas for both individuals, school and business as well as a comprehensive explaination of the recycling process and what the revenue will be used for.

Peter Shield

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