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Plants, gardens and countryside joins the 21st century 01.08.07, the longest running online community for allotment users in the UK, today announced the launch of a host of new upgrades for its dedicated users. is a free UK allotment directory that helps users find, manage and get the best from their allotments. It is packed full of helpful information with an active forum for poising and answering questions about all things to do with gardening, organic and conventional.

Allotments-UK was created in 2004 by allotment enthusiast Sally Berry, 68, who has been looking after allotments since her early 30s, to help UK allotment users find, manage and get the best from their allotments. The idea behind Allotments-UK was to create a virtual community in which ideas, advice and news could be easily shared, uniting allotment users all over the UK. Since its launch, the Allotments-UK membership has grown to over 3,000 members and receives around 250,000 hits per month..

Allotments-UK now offers a unique combination of tools and the most comprehensive source of allotments information on the web. New features include:

- Allotments-UK TV: Dedicated online TV channel with news, interviews and tips.

- Allotments-UK Articles: Articles from users on how to get the best out of your allotment.

- Allotments-UK Blogs: Diaries and pictures from users’ allotments.

- Allotments-UK Maps: UK-wide map of users’ allotments.

These innovative upgrades put the site at the forefront of community site design. Sally Berry, allotment owner for 35 years and site manager for Allotments-UK says "Users of the site have been demanding these new features for a while. The most popular is the mapping system which enables our users to plot their allotment on a map of the UK. The map then links to their allotment blog where they can update pictures and information about their allotments. The TV channel now has its first content and we are excited about bringing this state of the art functionality to our users. Allotments are finally getting the attention they deserve."

Allotments-UK was created by, and is maintained by, Community121 builders of niche community websites.

Peter Shield

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