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Ant’s top 10 natural cosmetics Christmas gifts for men 04.12.07

The season of giving is once again upon us, from stocking filler’s to luxury gift set’s, Male Organics has everything you need for a well groomed green festive period. Anthony Oram, co-founder of, gives his hand tips for organic and natural gifts for men and boys.

The season of giving is once again upon us, from stocking filler’s to luxury gift set’s, Male Organics has everything you need for a well groomed green festive period. We are also offering Natural Choices readers a 10% discount on our RRP until the 18th of December to help the green pound go that little bit further.Just type in the promo code naturalchoices1 with your order.

1) Moa the Green Balm

If one balm was really able to do it all, this would be it! Made from 100% organic herbs in Iceland, Moa is the King of balms, its uses read like a swiss army knife manual. From skin conditions to burns and aftershave and believe it or not you can even make it into a hot drink to ease sore throats! If you are going to have one tub of gunk, make this it!

Jake Meyer, International mountaineer and Everest record breaker is now an avid supporter of the balm and uses it as a permanent part of his first-aid kit!

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2) Dr Dronner Peppermint showergel

Dr Bronner have been producing natural products since the 50’s, they pioneered the use of recycled packaging in the industry and Magic is not a name they use lightly, The Peppermint Liquid soap is a firm favourite in the Male Organics office, like the first coffee of the day (fair trade of course), this will wake you up from the sleepiest of winter mornings!

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3) Green People Itch Away Shampoo

This is a best seller at Male Organics, for anyone with a dry or itchy scalp, Itch Away soothes and guards against the build up of dead skin cells, being a Green People product you are guaranteed quality of ingredients.

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4) Simply Soaps Hsir Sculpting Wax

Simply Soaps - the herbal skincare delicatessen, produces its products in the wild woods of Norfolk. This hair wax is a great alternative to the chemical filled popular brands available on the high street, a blend of totally natural ingredients means you can sculpt your hair the natural way!

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5) Travla 3 for 2: The perfect gift for anyone getting away this festive period! Okay so it’s not very festive, but if you are travelling abroad and eating and drinking to excess why not coat your stomach with friendly bacteria to support a natural digestive health. Travla gives travellers the increased confidence to enjoy their trips abroad anxiety free.

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6) Gift wrapping Why not pick ’n’ mix you favourite selection and get it gift wrapped for the ultimate in bespoke green grooming! Unlike many gift packs the box is 100% recyclable.

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7) Little Horrors: Maybe you know someone who has a little addition to the family this festive season, why not show your green credentials with a selection of natural products for the little one!

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8) Male Organics Mean Green Shopping Machine bag

It is estimated that 150,000,000 plastic bags are used in the UK every week and each ones takes around 100 years to rot away in landfill sites, so why not get your hands on a Male Organics natural cotton bag - and let’s face it, they look a lot cooler than carrying around a piece of plastic with a supermarket logo on it... Perfect to hit the January sales with!

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9) Spiezia gift pack!

The ultimate in luxury organic gift sets. Spiezia are the only company in the UK to be certified 100% organic by the Soil Association across a range of 23 products. Indulge the senses with organic body oil, aftershave and nourishing cream.

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10) Starter Set number three: Get the man in your life off to the best of starts with this amazing mix of the finest natural grooming products available! Shampoo, conditioner, Shower Wash, Soap, Deodorant, Body Oil, Lip Balm the list goes on, it truly has all bases covered! It also offers 10% discount from the recommended retail prices, with our 10% discount thats an amazing 20% off!

Peter Shield

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