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Downsell Primary School stars in Climate Calendar 2009 08.08.07

Climate Change 2009
© Dave Hampton

18 lucky pupils from Downsell Primary School in Leyton took part in a special photo shoot for Flipside Vision’s 2009 edition of the superb Calendar of Climate Change.

Children from all racial backgrounds and a range of ages were selected to represent the world community and to convey the abstract concept of ‘contraction and convergence’ in a powerful, easy-to-understand image.

Racing around the playground globe with their balloons, the children proved a bit of challenge for veteran photographer Christine Voge, but, says Christine: “The children were a pure delight and I shall recover in time!”

Star attraction was Dave Hampton, The Carbon Coach - an expert consultant in personal and corporate carbon reduction targets. He regularly demonstrates to audiences of all ages the scale and significance of our personal carbon emissions with the help of some specially designed purple helium-filled balloons. Unfazed by a gaggle of overenthusiastic schoolchildren, Mr. Hampton patiently explained ‘contraction and convergence’ and the significance of their participation in the shoot.

Contraction and convergence (C&C) is a proposed strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Conceived by the Global Commons Institute in the early 1990’s, the Contraction and Convergence strategy consists of reducing overall emissions of greenhouse gases to a safe level, ’Contraction’, where the global emissions are reduced because every country brings emissions per capita to a level which is equal for all countries, ’Convergence’. It is intended to form the basis of an international agreement which will reduce carbon emissions to avoid climate change.

The Calendar of Climate Change 2008 from Flipside is a collection of beautifully shot images, it is an instructive and multifunctional wall calendar, covering a variety of important climate issues. The images travel the world, taking a close-up and inspiring look at people in both hemispheres whose lives have already been impacted by climate change. It includes a pair of complementary images per page; climate facts and web links to related sites; and engagement boxes. It is printed on 80 per cent recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. The consistently high quality of its research and dynamic use of imagery puts the Calendar of Climate Change on a level far higher than ‘just another calendar’. Tracking year on year our developing relationship with climate change, it can be kept and referred to indefinitely. It is a dynamic educational tool and has been used widely as supporting material by a variety of climate specialist educators and local authorities.

Flipside Vision is a new concept in environmental publishing, founded by picture editor and journalist Diana Korchien. Seeking to encourage a positive, upbeat and above all, caring vision of the planet, she is devoting her professional skills to the defence of our common habitat. Using the medium of a giant wall calendar, her judicious selection of powerful and moving imagery, coupled with rigorous research values, seeks to establish a fresh perspective on the planet, speeding up the establishment of a new era of global stewardship. Diana says: " We refrain from preaching to the converted, focusing our efforts instead on the middle market of the unsure and the undecided. Working through publications such as greeting cards and calendars, our ultimate aim is to help establish a new popular culture of sustainability for the 21st century. I view it as it as essential that we drop our cultural blinkers and reconnect with global physical reality, learning once again to respect and protect the Earth. There really is no other way forward and a monumental task lies ahead – but I believe that a positive outcome is possible and am doing all that is within my power to encourage this.”

Peter Shield

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