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Ethical Investments 4.6% ahead of average over last 12 months 30.08.07

The latest survey by reveals that ethical investors are being rewarded for following their conscience, with ethical fund returns surging ahead of mainstream traditional funds.

The strong returns enjoyed by ethical funds in recent years have helped to shatter the misguided belief that ethical investments will always underperform traditional investment funds.

Ethical funds have outperformed their non-ethical rivals and the FTSE 100 over the last three years. survey examined the performance of ethical funds, conventional non-ethical funds, index trackers and the FTSE 100 over one, three, five and ten years.

Source: Lipper Hindsight. % Growth as at 1 July 2007, total return, UK net, no initial charges

Over the last 12 months the average ethical fund has posted growth of 18.3% compared with 13.7% from the average non-ethical fund.

Ethical funds are also now outstripping non-ethical funds over three years with growth of 57.2% compared with 52.3%.

Some individual ethical funds are also performing well within their respective sectors in comparison with their conventional counterparts:

F&C Investments Stewardship Income fund is ranked second within the UK Equity Income sector in terms of cumulative performance over one year

Jupiter Ecology lies sixth within the Global Growth sector out of 167 funds for cumulative returns over three years

AEGON Ethical Equity is ranked 16th out of 290 in the UK All Companies sector for cumulative returns over three years

Peter Shield

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