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Going Green at Work Conference 15 March 24.02.10

If you are an active Trade Unionist then the Going Green at Work”, a national TUC conference on organising for greener workplaces could be of interest. The conference will showcase the work of the TUC’s growing army of green reps. The conference will include a report-back and evaluation of the TUC’s two-year Greenworkplace project, funded by the UMF.

Chair: Paul Noon, General Secretary, Prospect/TUC general Council Keynote speakers include TUC Deputy General Secretary, Frances O Grady; Ed Milliband Secretary of State for Climate Change; Sarah Pearce, TUC Greenworkplaces Project Leader; and Climate Solidarity Project.

Monday 15 March 2010, Congress House, London

TUC national one-day conference: 10.00 to 16.00

Plus expert-led workshops on:

- Greening your workplace: sharing best practice - with Sarah Pearce, TUC, Frances Robertson, SWTUC, and green reps from GOSH, Bristol Council, BT, SWTUC and other greenworkplaces.

- Adapting workplaces to climate change: from emergency services and public sector responses to tackling higher workplace temperatures – with Alice Hood, TUC, and Paul Hampton, FBU (tbc).

- Get CRC Ready – for service sector organisations, the Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in from 1 April 2010. Find out how you can play a part – with David Arnold, Unison, and DECC speaker.

- Targeting Climate Change – environmental training with the TUC’s new environmental workbook – with Andy Moss, SWTUC and Graham Peterson, UCU.

- Climate Solidarity: mobilising union members at work, at home and in their local communities - with Nick Perks, Climate Solidarity, and Sian Jones, CWU. Greenworkplaces have a key role to play in tackling climate change.

Today, there are well over 1,300 union-led greenworkplace projects in the UK, compared with a handful four years ago. Workplaces burn energy, consume resources, generate waste and travel. Workplaces are responsible for 20% of UK emissions. DECC, the lead Government department, said that, ’The changes we need to make to 2020 and beyond will transform our workplaces and our whole economy....The plan to 2020 will cut emissions from our workplaces by 13% on 2008 levels.’

So come along and take part in the debates!

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Peter Shield

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