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Green People’s ‘Shave Now’ organic gel gets 10 out of 10 24.10.07

Shave Now £8.99 for 125ml

It’s organic, it gives a great refreshing shave, smells wonderful- and it cuts out moisturising afterwards. Green People’s ‘Shave Now’ available from wins a new fan writes Peter Shield.

At last, a cost effect replacement for my Occitan shaving block. I like my Occitan but frankly it’s a little dull, and leaves my face dry and when the water is hard, as it is all the time from my well, requires a wrist movement like a cement mixer to get any sort of useable foam.

There are three main functions a shaving gel has to do, firstly foam, secondly have a mild anti-bacterial element, the third is to moisturize the skin as shaving really knocks the hell out of it. The forth additional effect is a mild aroma- nobody wants to a shaving foam that leaves your skin smelling of an intensive care unit.

Shave Now is a light cream with a marvellous aroma of grapefruit, mandarin, clove and geranium- though it is the citrus that wins through. It foams up on the face with luke warm water this apparently is caused by the corn derived decyl glucoside. Decyl glucoside is a natural plant derived surfactant, used in many baby and sensitive skin products, it is very gentle on the skin and biodegradable.

The shaving experience is smooth as it really softens the hair first which cuts down on annoying pull on the blade, and the slightly oily texture means the blade runs easily over the skin with a close cut and no burny drag.

The anti-bacterial element is covered with the grapefruit seed extract.

The skin afterwards feels soft, it’s the moisturizing effect of the lavender, aloe vera and olive oil.

One quick splash to wash away those unsightly bits up the nose and I was ready to go. Definitely refreshed and pleasantly surprised.

The manufacturers advise, as they always do, to moisturise afterwards. In my opinion it is unnecessary for the area you have just shaved and another example of over selling.

The review product was supplied by

Male supply a range of natural and organic bodycare products for men. Because of the carbon footprint they only supply to addresses in the United Kingdom.

Shave Now is available from for £8.99 for 125ml.

Peter Shield

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