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Organic Gardening 12 months for only £29.95 08.01.08

Organic Gardening

So you have made the Resolution to make that backyard, window sill, allotment work harder, and in the process make you healthier. Now you need some practical advice on what to do when- there is no better place to start that the Organic Gardening magazine.

The monthly Organic Gardening magazine is a treasure trove of practical and often tasty ideas, tips and suggestion for the both vegetable and flower gardeners determine to break from the chemical addiction of modern techniques.

Edited by Gaby Bartai, and published by Mortons Media Group, Organic Gardening is a monthly that brings together some of the best writers and gardeners in the organic field in the UK. Writer John Walker recently won the Environmental Ward in the Garden Writers’ Guild Awards and you can see from reading his informative and helpful articles why the ward was justly won.

As a regular reader of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden magazine Organic Gardening came as a welcome breath of fresh air. It is not that there is anything wrong with the RHS’s publication- just as a new gardening armed only with Charles Dowding’s superb ‘Organic Gardening- the natural no-dig approach’ and bags of enthusiasm I find The Garden not a little intimating- beautiful reconstructions of 18th century cottage gardens, articles on exotic seeds, and adverts for greenhouses costing more than my house all make gardening seem like the pastime of a social class I have never been a part of, nor am likely to ever achieve- thank goodness. Organic Gardening on the other hand seems to have been written with me in mind. Yes it has the more highfalutin pieces on edible gardens, complete with obscure varieties of alums (Onions to you and me). However rather than written in away that make articles inaccessible to those of us who haven’t got a PHD in horticulture writers like Michele Fitzsimmons layout in easy to follow steps how elements of these more complicated solutions can be adopted by even the most inept, I’m talking about myself here not you dear reader, and inexperienced gardener.

A regular ‘This month in your garden’ piece means that you stay on top of your annual plan- if you have one, and helps you develop one if you haven’t.

While the emphasis is on vegetables the aesthetic of a natural flower garden are well covered, though of course a successful organic garden makes use of flowers both to attract certain insects and repel others.

All told Organic Gardening is a superb monthly reminder that you did make that resolution- as well as making a beautiful and fruitful garden you also will hit that five fruit and veg a day as well as doing some more exercise that usual.

Peter Shield

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