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The Co-op launches 2 Fairtrade Easter Chocolate Eggs 17.03.09

Fairtrade Bunnies

When I was a kid every Easter our house as visited by the Easter Phoenix. We would wake up to find a trial of small Easter bunnies laying a track through the garden to the gooseberry bush. In the bush would be a nest packed with small silver wrapped chocolate eggs.

Now thanks to the Co-op your house can also have a visit form the Fairtrade Easter Phoenix, the more ethical daughter of the same bird that frequented the gardens of Stockton-on-Tees in the 1970s.

The Co-operative has introduced two enticing ethical eggs into its range for Easter, alongside many other Fairtrade chocolate products.

The two “star attraction” 120g Fairtrade Easter eggs - one milk chocolate, and one dark chocolate with 72 per cent cocoa solids - are both made from premium Belgian chocolate and come with an assortment of delicious new Fairtrade truffles.

The milk chocolate egg is complemented by indulgent mocha truffles, salted caramel truffles and dark chocolate raspberry truffles, and the dark chocolate egg comes with Gianduja praline truffles made with ground hazelnuts and delectable dark chocolate orange & exotic spice truffles.

As well as the Fairtrade eggs, The Co-operative has introduced a fabulous Fairtrade hollow chocolate bunny, which comes in a special gift box - the perfect pressie for a friend or family member. And for those on a budget, The Co-operative Fairtrade Speckled Mini Eggs are the ideal buy.

The Co-operative has also updated its delicious Truly Irresistible boxed Fairtrade chocolate selection for Spring 2009. The exquisite selection of assorted premium Fairtrade milk, white and dark chocolates includes tempting new variants such as the hazelnutty gianduja praline, salted caramel truffle, orange & exotic spice and the creamy coffee-flavoured mocha dome.

Peter Shield

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