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innocent celebrates its 100% recycled plastic bottles 01.02.08

Limited edition
Green Labels

Those delicious people at innocent are boasting again. This time it is not about the fruity drinks, the furry carpets, or the cow horns on their vans. No this time they are talking in rather loud voices about their recycled plastic bottles.

“We’re very proud to say that as of January 2008 all of our fruit smoothie recipes are available in our new100% recycled bottles. This follows an initial trial back in September 2007 when innocent became the firstever drinks company in the world to put 100% recycled PET packaging on shelf. To celebrate this achievement, innocent’s logo will be changing colour and shape to resemble the well known green recycling symbol. The limited edition label will be turning shop shelves green for the last two weeks of February.”

The new bottles are fully recyclable at the end of life, and use 20% less plastic overall than innocent’s original packaging. In addition to using no virgin materials at all, the move will see a dramatic 55% reduction in the carbon footprint of the packaging.

Jessica Sansom, sustainability manager at innocent says “We’ve always been a business that has taken our environmental impact seriously, and this move to 100% recycled content in our bottles is extremely exciting. We created this special label as we really want to make everyone aware of the benefits that moving to recycled bottles has had for us and to encourage everyone out there to take a look at what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result of our efforts, innocent will be saving over one thousand tonnes of C02 this year which is great news for the planet.”

“As a business we want to make it easy for people to do themselves some good. And we want to leave the planet a little bit better than we found it. This is reflected in everything from our use of green electricity at Fruit Towers, to sourcing fruit from places that go the extra mile in terms of looking after the people that work on the farms, and the environment. As of 2006 we are proud to say that all our bananas come from Rainforest Alliance accredited farms. Every single year we donate 10% of our profits to the innocent foundation, which funds NGOs in the countries where we source our fruits. In 2007, we were also one of the first three companies to sign up to the Carbon Trust scheme to demonstrate out commitment to measuring, and lowering our carbon footprint.”

A bit about plastics recycling- currently only 25% of plastic gets recycled in the UK (up from 3% in 2001) - 132,000 tons of plastic was collected for recycling in 2006

The key to recycled plastic for drinks is being able to source a high quality of plastic for recycling. This requires careful sorting once the plastic bottles have been collected from the consumers. It is easier to buy raw material made from oil and turn that into bottles but innocent chooses to use 100% recycled material and this is how it happens.

1) plastic is collected and brought to recycling centre

2) plastics are sorted from all other materials (people often get a bit confused and put the wrong thing in the wrong recycling bags)

3) plastic is washed at high temperature to clean and get off any labels remaining

4) plastic is sterilized and

5) turned into pellets that can then be made into any shaped packaging required

Peter Shield

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