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December 2009

Copenhagen pledges are still not good enough, says Caroline Lucas 14 Dec 09

EU leaders may have pledged more money to help developing countries adapt to climate change - but when it comes to cutting their own emissions, they are still not aiming high enough, said the Green Party leader today.

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The Value of Volunteering’ much more than economics 14 Dec 09

With rising unemployment and fewer job vacancies, the current financial crisis has seen renewed policy emphasis in both Europe and the UK on volunteering as a route to employment, according to a new report from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC.)

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Climate Change and ’Overpopulation’- reflections from The Corner House 12 Dec 09

The Optimum Population Trust’s continual link between population and climate change, and David Attenborough’s film for BBC2’s Horizon, ‘How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? once again plays to the neo-Malthusian myth of over population as the world’s major problem. This paper from the ever thoughtful Corner House think tank, which shows the problems with this simplistic and ahistorical approach, merits another read.

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Fair Miles not Food Miles for a just and sustainable world 12 Dec 09

Western consumer concern over climate change can do more harm than good if it cuts demand for food produced in developing nations, warns a new book by Oxfam and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

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10 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas 11 Dec 09

Want to save money and do your bit for a healthy planet this Christmas? Then check out Friends of the Earth’s top ten tips for making Christmas greener and surprise your family and friends with your creativity!

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The Cuts Won’t Work- 2nd Green New Deal Report 11 Dec 09

This second report from the Green New Deal Group argues that the UK is currently missing a historic opportunity in the pre-budget report to tackle public debt, create thousands of new green jobs and kick-start the transformation to a low-carbon economy.

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A healthy diet is a sustainable diet says new report 11 Dec 09

A new report published today (Friday 11 December) by the Sustainable Development Commission finds that eliminating waste, cutting fatty and sugary foods and reducing meat and dairy consumption would make the biggest contribution towards improving health and reducing the environmental impacts of the food system.

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The Big Swap- launched for Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 04 Dec 09

RETAILERS and companies are being urged to back Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 (22 February - 7 March) by making it easy for shoppers to choose Fairtrade goods. Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 has the theme of ‘The Big Swap’ and will encourage shoppers to swap everyday shopping basket items such as tea, coffee, chocolate, cotton Tee-shirts, bananas, cakes, sugar and a host of other products for Fairtrade ones.

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Voting Opens for Angry Mermaid Award for Worst Climate Lobbying 04 Dec 09

The damaging impacts of corporate lobbying on international efforts to fight climate change are exposed today with the announcement of the eight candidates for the Angry Mermaid Award 2009.

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A Green Conservative Government in 2010? 03 Dec 09

Remember the days of the Turbine Tories, with David Cameron’s rather useless wind turbine, and photo opportunities of a helmet wearing David riding through the streets of London? Zac Goldsmith, inheritor of The Ecologist working on a Green plan for the next Government? When the Conservatives hugged the oak tree of their logo? The closer they get to power the more distant those days seems argues Natural Choices editor Peter Shield

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