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April 2012

New Soil Association report on Manufactured Nitrogen- Just Say N20 30 Apr 12

Over the last fifty years much of our farming has become dependent on manufactured nitrogen fertiliser for fertility. However, too much nitrogen harms the environment and the economy, according to the 2011 European Nitrogen Assessment, which reported a study by 200 scientists investigating the unprecedented changes humans have made to the global nitrogen cycle over the last century.

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African Land Grab surrounded in mystery 30 Apr 12

A new report, Dealing with Disclosure, today reveals how opening up the process around large-scale land deals in developing countries would benefit local communities, governments and business, and provides direction on how this can be achieved.

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Food Authenticity Encouraging Sustainable Supply Chains 29 Apr 12

Food authentication techniques are gaining popularity, partly because of growing concerns about fraud involving organic and sustainable foods. Organic Monitor finds this development is encouraging sustainability by providing greater traceability across the supply chain.

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Asda, Morrisons and Iceland named as ‘worst offenders’ for undermining children’s healthy eating 29 Apr 12

The Children’s Food Campaign today launched a report naming Asda, Morrisons and Iceland as the “worst offenders” for undermining parents’ efforts to feed their children healthily, by displaying junk food on four out of five checkouts in their stores. The Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose were also criticised for making families have to queue past displays of unhealthy snacks to reach the tills

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US Organic foods industry creates more than 500,000 jobs 26 Apr 12

Producing U.S. foods organically creates thousands more jobs than if that food were produced using conventional agricultural methods, according to a new economic study released today here at the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA’s) Policy Conference. The report, "2010 Impacts of the U.S. Organic Foods Industry on the U.S. Economy," which shows the organic food industry generated more than five hundred thousand American jobs in 2010, builds on data released by OTA earlier in the week revealing the overall U.S. organic market in 2011 surpassed $31 billion for the first time.

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UK’s Natural and Organic Awards 2012 Winners Announced 04 Apr 12

BBC star Kate Humble hailed the “incredible passion” of the natural products industry as she announced the Natural & Organic Award winners on Sunday 1 April. Around 450 industry professionals saw her present the awards, jointly hosted by Natural Products magazine and the Soil Association. This year’s Natural Products Outstanding Achievement Award was won by Green & Black’s co-founder Craig Sams.

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Sustainable Investment organisations launch global trends report 04 Apr 12

Sustainable investment membership organisations in major markets have agreed to join forces to create a trailblazing report on the global scope of sustainable and responsible investment. For more than a decade, these regional bodies have produced research reports, generally on a biennial schedule, on the trends in sustainable and responsible investing within their own markets. The release of this harmonized global “Trends” report, the first ever, is scheduled for December 2012.

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Ethical Banks: Forging a new sustainable path for finance 04 Apr 12

A new study Commissioned by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values shows that sustainable values-based banks, which base their decisions first and foremost on the needs of people and the environment, are outperforming traditional mainstream banks in many areas, including financial indicators such as return on assets, growth in loans and deposits, and capital strength, making a compelling case for values-based banking.

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