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Increase in cancers and fertility problems may be caused by household chemicals and pharmaceuticals 19.05.12

Chemicals which disrupt the hormone system – also known as ’endocrine disrupting chemicals’ (EDCs) – may be a contributing factor behind the significant increases in cancers, diabetes and obesity, falling fertility, and an increased number of neurological development problems in both humans and animals, according to a review of recent scientific literature commissioned by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

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Apple, Amazon, Microsoft choose dirty energy to power growing cloud 04.05.12

The current explosion in cloud computing offered by major IT companies is driving significant new demand for dirty energy like coal and nuclear power, according to a new report from Greenpeace International. The report, "How Clean is Your Cloud?" shows a growing split within the tech industry between companies that are taking steps to power their clouds with clean energy, like Google, Yahoo and Facebook, and companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft who lag behind by choosing to build their growing fleets of data centres to be powered by coal and nuclear energy.

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Stop Dodo launches a new Green Social Forum 30.03.12

StopDodo, the world’s leading green sector job’s site has launched a new social forum to bring the Green Economy’s key actors together. Have your say and find a new work opportunity at the same time.

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Blueprint for water-10 steps to sustainable water by 2015 11.11.10

Water is our most precious natural resource. It is vital to people’s health and happiness, vital for the environment and our wildlife, and vital to our economy. But this most precious asset is in crisis. That is why in 2006 a coalition of leading environmental organisations, launched the Blueprint for Water, setting out 10 steps to sustainable water.

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100 B&Q stores start to sell Fairtrade Cotton 30.07.10

B&Q announces that it will be selling its first Fairtrade products in store this year. From August 2010, B&Q will sell a range of Fairtrade cotton bedding in 100 stores. 2010 is an important milestone as it marks the fifth year anniversary of the introduction of Fairtrade cotton into the UK market. Source: Fairtrade Foundation

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UK Organic market drops 12.9% in 2009 14.04.10

Organic sales in the UK had a terrible year in 2009, after a decade of double digit annual increase, last year saw a 12.9% drop in total sales to ₤1.84 billion, from a high in 2008 of ₤2.113 billion. Particularity hard hit was the organic meat and prepared food sectors, while organic milk, baby foods and home cooking ingredients held up and cosmetics and health product demand increased. Early signs from 2010 indicate a slow resurgence with projections of between 2-5% according to the newly released Soil Association’s Organic Market Report 2010.

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66% of consumers still buying green despite recession 12.03.09

New research from the Carbon Trust Standard shows that consumers still want to buy green despite the current economic climate, with 62% of consumers saying environmental concerns influence their purchasing decisions ‘the same as a year ago’ and just over a quarter saying they influence them ‘even more’ than in 2008.

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Get Ethical this Christmas 03.12.08

With the crowds abandoning the High Street for the comfort of online shopping, there’s still the issue of visiting several different stores to get everything you need for Christmas gifts for friends, family and colleagues. There is a great – and green – solution now, with online ethical store Get Ethical

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The Recycle Warehouse- Business against climate change 28.11.08

The Recycle Warehouse is an online department store that is championing the environment and fighting climate change. Their object is to be the next John Lewis, except that every item at The Recycle Warehouse is made from recycled materials says founder John Halladay.

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Top 28 Ethical companies to chose from for Christmas Gifts 13.12.07

The Ethical Company Organisation publishers of The Good Shopping Guide and the site have published their top accredited ethical gifts companies, organic food and clothes, to green energy and pet foods. You couldn’t want for a better place to start your seasonal shopping.

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Ethical market worth £32.3bn in 2006 30.11.07

The Co-op Bank’s ethical consumerism report for 2006 show the sector has grown from 29.3 billion in 2005 to £32.3bn in 2006. Household spending on ethical goods and services is now £664, up from just £366 in 2002 an 81% increase in five years.

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Nigel’s Top 10 Eco Christmas Picks 27.11.07

Nigel’s Eco Store an ethical online retailer, has come up with a selection of environmentally friendly eco gifts and products for Christmas 07 that will help people save money, reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener kind of life long after the turkey and trimmings have been cleared away for composting.

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Moixa’s USB AA rechargeable batteries 08.10.07

Nigel’s Eco-Store thoughtfully sent Naturalchoices a couple of the Moixa’s USB AA rechargeable batteries. “More junk to rattle around the bottom of the your sack” quipped one wag in the office, two weeks later I couldn’t live without them writes Peter Shield.

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Local is No 1 Choice for Ethical Shoppers 01.10.07

Local produce is the number one ethical choice for British shoppers, and six out of 10 of us now actively try to buy local products according to ’Britain’s Ethical Shopper; Which Way Now?’ from IGD and Nielsen

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Urban Green Fair 9th September 06.09.07

If you live in London this year’s Urban Green Fair is a must do. Sunday, 9th September, Brockwell park, Lambeth. Cafés, kids’ zone, speakers, poets, solar cinema, workshops, craft and campaign stalls, all powered by working examples of renewable energy.

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Take a deep breath and let the Exhale team take away your stress 28.08.07

Genene Edwards, co-founder of work place mobile massage company, Exhale, explains the benefits to both workers and companies of taking time for a massage at the office. Besides from the health benefits, Genene believes that investing in your team can lead to real business benefits.

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Companies waste £6,000 per year by leaving electronic equipment on standby over the weekend 22.08.07

“The Big Switch Off” campaign is urging UK businesses to save energy and switch off this weekend in a nationwide campaign to reduce CO2 emissions. npower business’ ’Big Switch Off’ calls on businesses to switch off unused equipment before leaving for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

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Greening Your Office- Jon Clift & Amanda Cuthbert 25.07.07

From cupboard to corporation: an A-Z guide. Published by Ethical Junction member Green Books, this pocket sized guide should be in every office in the UK it has loads of handy tip to save money and make office work more sustainable.

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Electricity consumption growing in spite of efficiency drive says EU report 20.07.07

A report from the EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), indicates that overall electricity consumption is growing in the Europe. Despite the increase in renewable energy the increased demand caused by the increase of household gadgets has effectively nullified its impact. However low energy light bulbs and doing away with standby modes would reverse the trend.

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Eco-Centres and Courses – by Terena Plowright 06.07.07

Throughout the UK the galaxy of courses and hands on training around living a more sustainable life is breath taking. Published by Green Books, this is a comprehensive guide of fun and interesting days out for both adults and children.

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The Eco-store that Nigel Built - from clicks to bricks 05.07.07

Nigel’s Eco Store was founded strangely enough by a man called Nigel-Nigel Berman. While the trend in retail is moving from selling through shops to selling online, Nigel Berman talks to Natural Choices about why they have gone the other way.

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The New Green Consumer Guide- Julia Hailes 05.06.07

How green should you be, how green can you be in modern Britain? In The New Green Consumer Guide published by Simon & Schuster Julia Hailes takes a practical lively look at how to reduce the environmental impact of your life, up to and including your death.

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Carbon footprint labelling finally gets of the ground 31.05.07

Ian Pearson, Minister for the Environment, announced that DEFRA, is to develop a carbon foot print labelling scheme to show consumers the production, transport and disposal impact of products.

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