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Government refuses to act on excessive supermarkets packaging -a 10.7 million tonne mystery 13.07.09

Hilary Benn continued the Government’s refusal to take meaningful steps to force supermarkets to reveal publicly whether their packaging policies and the real packaging figures add up. Despite calls from the Local Government Association to help their 350 member reduce the 1.8 billion estimated costs between 2008-201 dealing with the 10.7 million tonnes of waste packaging, the Government stuck to their ’voluntary’ not compulsory approach to business. The same policy approach that has worked oh so well in the finance sector.

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Excessive packaging still costing shoppers 17.02.09

Excessive food packaging used by supermarkets is undermining householders’ efforts to recycle more and is adding to council tax bills, a new report from the Local Government Association will say today (17th Feb).

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The Birmingham Remade Fashion Fair 2009 12.02.09

The Birmingham Remade Fashion Fair will take place on 21 February from 11 am - 5pm at Birmingham’s Custard Factory Gallery.

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The Recycle Warehouse- Business against climate change 28.11.08

The Recycle Warehouse is an online department store that is championing the environment and fighting climate change. Their object is to be the next John Lewis, except that every item at The Recycle Warehouse is made from recycled materials says founder John Halladay.

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100 Million Re-cycled Christmas cards is Woodland Trust’s target 03.01.08

The Woodland Trust with Recycle Now is aiming to raise enough money from recycled Christmas cards to plant 24,000 trees in the UK. They hope that 100 million old cards will be handed in at recycling points at Tescos, WH Smiths, M&S and TK Maxx before the 31st January.

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112,500 tonnes of recyclable rubbish will be binned this Christmas 04.12.07

This Christmas 112,500 tonnes of recyclable rubbish will be thrown away, according to new research, by the new think credit card from the Co-operative Bank. This is equivalent to 14,940 red Routemaster buses, 93,360 Minis OR 406 Airbus A380’s.

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Ethical market worth £32.3bn in 2006 30.11.07

The Co-op Bank’s ethical consumerism report for 2006 show the sector has grown from 29.3 billion in 2005 to £32.3bn in 2006. Household spending on ethical goods and services is now £664, up from just £366 in 2002 an 81% increase in five years.

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Reduce Reuse Recycle by Nicky Scott 27.09.07

A pocket sized book packed with superb information on getting the most from what we use, where we buy it from and what we do with it. Another superb Green Books Guide.

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Food Miles: Miles more progress to be made 03.08.07

Flying round the Caribbean and South Africa, Brazil and Israel, may sound like the holiday of a lifetime, but in fact it is just the route your morning fruit salad is likely to have taken to reach the breakfast table.

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Friends of the Earth calls for weekly food waste collections 18.07.07

Local authorities should introduce weekly food waste collections as part of a strategy to cut waste, increase recycling and tackle climate change, says Friends of the Earth said. Household waste only accounts for 9% isn’t it time to concentrate on business waste?

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Eco-Centres and Courses – by Terena Plowright 06.07.07

Throughout the UK the galaxy of courses and hands on training around living a more sustainable life is breath taking. Published by Green Books, this is a comprehensive guide of fun and interesting days out for both adults and children.

Read more changing the world one click at a time 19.06.07

You know what to do, that list of 101 things is pinned to the fridge and all it makes you do is feel guilty. How do you turn that first step into a skip? Briony Greenhill The Nag’s Project Director tells to naturalchoices how it works.

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The New Green Consumer Guide- Julia Hailes 05.06.07

How green should you be, how green can you be in modern Britain? In The New Green Consumer Guide published by Simon & Schuster Julia Hailes takes a practical lively look at how to reduce the environmental impact of your life, up to and including your death.

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Green Mobile link up with the Environmental Investigation Agency 31.05.07

Green Mobile, the UK’s first environmentally friendly phone service, has teamed up with the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) to offer a mobile service that raises funds for the EIA.

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Co-op rolls out sustainable paper products 22.05.07

The Co-op this week converted all its household paper range, including facial tissues, to material that has been completely sourced from FSC-certified responsibly-managed forests and recycling facilities.

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